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SeaWorld Orlando Preferred Stroller Rental Provider


With your SeaWorld stroller rental from Orlando Stroller Rentals, you will feel welcome at SeaWorld, where imagination meets nature. The vacation of your dreams is ready to get underway and Orlando Stroller Rentals is ready to help you with a great stroller rental to help you get around the SeaWorld Orlando with ease.


Arriving at SeaWorld Orlando

Just image it... You have just going through the parking toll booth and finished parking in the preferred parking or general parking of the Sea World parking lot. You pull out the clean high-end stroller that you didn't have to pay extra for at the airport and send through the airport luggage compartment, twice, because you rented one from Orlando Stroller Rental.

The stroller you conveniently picked up at Orlando International Airport, when you arrived, is in perfect shape, with all the accessories and is ready for you to store your diaper bag, towel, snacks and purse in the under seat storage and of course, your most precious cargo inside the seating area.


Entering SeaWorld Orlando

From the parking lot it’s a short trek to the park entrance, but first you must pay for park admission and acquire your park tickets. All guests 21 years of age or over must have a valid picture id. Children under the age of 18 are not required to have a photo id. Then its off to the park entrance near the Lighthouse.

After a quick stop at guest services to pickup a park map, a show times schedule and view park hours (park hours are posted in several places around the park) its off to a fun-filled day at SeaWorld Orlando. Guest services is also able to help plan out your day to help you make the most of it. So make the most of guest services to maximize your fun-filled day.

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Browse our range of available stroller rentals below. To learn more about a specific stroller and make your reservation, simply click on a stroller below.

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A Stroller Adventure in SeaWorld Orlando

There are exciting thrill rides like Mako, Kraken, Manta and Journey to Atlantis and Infinity Falls, but beware, riding Journey to Atlantis and Infinity Falls could leave you very wet so make certain to bring a towel just in case. (Note: children 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult.)

There are also more family friendly rides that are fun for the whole family like the SkyTower and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins. Something to be aware of is a ride in SkyTower is not covered in your standard park admission. There is even a ride that offers both experiences in one, that being Wild Arctic. It has two versions of the same ride.

One version is family friendly and the other is more of a thrill ride for the daring. There is a whole area that’s not just fun for kids but for the whole family, and that’s Sesame Street Land where they have a ride, games and exhibits that are fit for everyone in your party. Children must, however, always have a guardian present as some rides have height and or age requirements. All seats on all the rides at SeaWorld are on a first come first serve basis.


Thrills and Excitement in SeaWorld Orlando

Rides are not the only thing that SeaWorld Orlando has to offer. There are exhibits that feature aquariums like the Manta Aquarium found near the Manta

Rollercoaster, there is the Stingray Lagoon and Dolphin Cove where you might be able to touch a dolphin or a stingray. There is Shark Encounter and Pacific Point Preserve. While at Pacific Pointe Preserve you can feed the Seals and Sea lions. Finally, there is Turtle Trek and the Manatee Rehabilitation Area.

You can also take in shows featuring Whales and Dolphins, Sea lions, Otters and Walruses, and of course Shamu the Killer Whale.

Some of our attractions are open air, while other attractions are inside of buildings. Open air attractions include the Whale and Dolphin Stadium, the Sea lion and Otter Stadium and of course Shamu Stadium.

Most of the rides, exhibits and attractions are included in your park admission, but there are special exclusive perks that you can purchase for additional charges like the All-Day Meal Plan and souvenirs.


Convenience and Adventure for the Whole Family

For your convenience they have lockers for rent (lockers can be found near most rides), diaper changing stations located in restrooms throughout the park, kennels for pet boarding (kennels can be found near the parking lot), ATMs (ATMs are located throughout the park), there are even First Aid stations located in the park as well.

There is something for everyone to enjoy at SeaWorld Orlando. Whether you are into live entertainment, live animal entertainment, fun rides, great shows, park photos, neat photo locations, or simply buying a large cloud of goods from the stores, you will glad you bought your admission ticket.

If you are planning to visit more SeaWorld parks than just SeaWorld Orlando, like the following locations: Discovery Cove® Orlando, Aquatica™ Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, or Adventure Island® Tampa, your Orlando Stroller Rental will provide the best value. Even driving from Orlando to Busch Gardens is no problem with the conveniently stored stroller you rented.

Convenience, comfort, and affordability are just a few reasons why we rarely get cancellations and most people recommend us to their friends for their next trip to The City Beautiful.

If someone in your party is in need of a wheelchair rental for their SeaWorld you should check out the line up of scooters at Tanner Scooter rentals, as an upgrade for your experience.

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Things to Remember When Visiting Theme Park Attractions

  • Park your stroller in the designated stroller parking areas.
  • Press the foot lever to lock the back wheels together.
  • Take all personal belongings with you.
  • You may also remove one of the back wheels by pressing a button on the side of the wheel. It is extremely fast and easy to do.
  • Always secure little passengers with safety straps.
  • Always adhere to Posted Safety Restrictions


First though, you’ll have to reserve your stroller rental, and renting with Orlando Stroller Rental is as easy as 1-2-3.


1: Choose Your Stroller

You can also take in shows featuring Whales and Dolphins, Sea lions, Otters and Walruses, and of course Shamu the Killer Whale. it all. We even have double strollers for our valued customers who have multiple children. Regardless of the stroller that you choose, you can be certain that whatever you rent from us will be safe and sanitary.


2: Fill Out Your Stroller Rental Form and Complete Your Billing Information

First, you’ll choose between delivery or pick-up. Then you’ll select any accessories you would like to have with your rental and whether to get insurance or not. You can also add more than one stroller to your cart or go straight to checkout. At checkout you can use our easy online reservation system, where you can enter all your billing information on our secure payment portal. After submitting your billing information and reserving your rental, you will receive a confirmation email from us for your records.


3: Enjoy Your Vacation with Your Stress-Free Stroller Rental

Whether you have chosen to have your rental delivered or pick-up, we guarantee that your stroller will be in stock. We can deliver your stroller to your hotel or have it ready for you to pick it up upon your arrival. Then, you’re free to enjoy your vacation all around Orlando. Feel free to check back with us for promotions and discounts.

Credit cards are used to secure your reservation, and all the details concerning your rental can be found on the rental agreement form. Optional rental insurance is available. If you opt not to take it you are responsible for any damage incurred while the stroller is in your possession or if the stroller is stolen. There is no damage waiver available.

Need a rental today? No problem.

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Same-day reservations only available by phone. Online ordering not available.

SeaWorld Orlando Preferred Stroller Rental Provider

Orlando Stroller Rental makes it easy to reserve the best stroller for the best vacation. The only hard part is picking the rental that is right for you. All our strollers come with a free cooler and a free rain cover (upon request), and a free cup/beverage holder.

For your convenience we now have our Orlando Stroller Rentals service at the Orlando International Airport (MCO). You should select Orlando International Airport and include your flight information in the Other Notes section. Our pickup and return counter are located at the Hold My Luggage counter in B Terminal Level 1 near B11 (conveniently located on the same level as the car rental counters). The counter will be available to you between 5am-10pm. If you need after hours counter service, we can arrange that in advance.

Per our Privacy Policy, Your privacy is important to us. We do not sell your Personally Identifiable Information, nor do we provide it to our marketing/advertising partners without your consent, except to process your order for a stroller rental, fulfill your order, notify you of (or request) important information with respect to your order, and/or otherwise address your request(s).(See the full policy on our website).

If you need to cancel your reservation our cancellation policy states that you need to email us at to let us know that you are cancelling your reservation. Any cancellation made prior to 48 hours of the first rental date will be given a full refund. Any cancellation made within 48 hours of the first rental date will be charged a fee of $50.

Moms from all over this great country have come to trust Orlando Stroller Rentals to always provide rentals that are safe, clean and very affordable for their vacation to the Orlando Area, and that’s because moms always know best. That’s why they choose Orlando Stroller Rental, because we are the BEST!

Orlando Stroller Rentals was founded in 2008 and is operated by former elementary school teacher Shannon Tanner. This mom of two, founded Orlando Stroller Rentals for one reason: to serve families vacationing in Orlando or the surrounding area. The service we provide our customers makes it easy to enjoy Orlando’s great attractions, fine dining and miles of beautiful beaches all without missing a moment of quality time with your kids. As a rental company, everything we do from the thorough inspection to the rigorous cleaning and sanitizing process that each and every stroller goes through is all done to ensure that your rental from Orlando Stroller Rentals will make it easy for you to get around on your vacation in the Orlando area attractions. We here at Orlando Stroller Rentals provide a stroller rental service every mom will love!


Wheelchair Alternatives

If you or a member of your party is in need of an ECV/Scooter check out our sister company, Tanner Scooter Rentals. They are certain to have an electric scooter that will suit your needs.