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Now offering pick-up and drop-off next to Magical Express at the Orlando International Airport!

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Orlando Stroller Rentals is offering pick-up and return to our counter at Orlando International Airport (MCO). This is the most convenient option for you especially if you are using Disney's Magical Express.  You will receive your stroller at the Hold My Luggage counter B side level one which is directly next to Disney's Magical Express check-in.  While you are in line for Disney's Magical Express, you can pick up your stroller!  On your departure day, please bring the stroller back to the same counter. Airport counter hours for receiving your stroller are 8:30am to 11:45pm.  You can return your stroller anytime up until 11:59pm.

Traveling with young children is nothing short of strategy. From packing extra items to the baby's travel gear, it requires a lot of planning and effort. Sometimes, it can be problematic. This is especially true for new parents who don't have any travel experience with babies.

With so much to carry around, along with handling the baby, it becomes extremely difficult to travel. For those adventures, strollers are a great help. They can help you more easily manage your baby and the other stuff while checking in to an Airport.

Although you are free to carry your own stroller, it can be very inconvenient. The reason is, you have to take additional care of it throughout your journey and it may impose many problems at the gate, baggage-checking  or on the plane itself.

To avoid any problems, the best idea is to rent a baby stroller, while on your vacation. It can make your travel a lot easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. Also, you don't have to worry about the condition of yours after travel.

If you're still not convinced about renting a stroller then here are a few reasons that might change your mind.


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Benefits of Renting a Stroller on Your Orlando Vacation


Cute kid in a stroller

1. You Don't Need To Pay Extra Luggage Charges

Travelling with kids can be very expensive due to the charges imposed on extra luggage. You have to pay additional fees for carrying your own stroller. Renting a stroller, eliminates the need to pay this extra baggage fee. Which simply means you need to carry a lot less stuff, on the plane.


2. Give Your Arms a Rest

if your baby is an infant, carrying them for a long time can hurt your arms. If you decide to forgo the whole stroller thing and just use a sling or a harness, you may want to consider the additional benefits of strollers. With a stroller, you don't have to carry the other items that go along with traveling with your baby, like diaper bags. Strollers allow you to carry it all and your baby and still navigate with greater ease.


3. You Will Be Able To Walk Faster

If your child is young enough to walk, you have to walk really slow matching his speed. And it can be very exhausting to be honest, especially when you're running late or in a hurry. An airport stroller rental is the quick solution to this issue. You can just order a stroller for pickup at the airport and put your kiddo inside and you're free to walk as fast as you need.


4. Let Your Baby Sleep While You Travel

Ensuring a baby gets their sleep is sometimes vital. Not getting it, can cost your family the peaceful hours of fun they want on vacation. With a good stroller you don't have to mess with your baby's nap times. You can just let them sleep peacefully and go about doing what you really want to.


5. Easy And Quick Delivery

Orlando Stroller Rentals provides very quick and convenient delivery options. We have flexible delivery and pick-up services at the airports (and your hotel). You don't need to worry about anything else other than your important luggage and your child.


6. You Need Not To Worry About Damaged Stroller

The biggest problem while taking your own stroller is that you have to continuously worry about its protection. Also, if you're travelling with more than one young child, then carrying double strollers is a big no-no. With the Orlando Stroller Rentals, you can rent multiple strollers without worrying about their maintenance.

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Same-day reservations only available by phone. Online ordering not available.

Orlando Stroller Rentals - Bonus Tips For Traveling With Young Children

Here Are Some of The Best Tips To Travel With Young Children :


Cute boy in stroller beside mom1. Don't Pack Too Much

Most common mistake parents make is to pack loads of stuff. It only makes the travel inconvenient and nothing else. You already have to take care of many things with a baby and adding extra luggage will be just exhausting. On a vacation, you will be travelling a lot from one location to another. So, pack only essential items. Don't overpack and keep the things you're most likely to use. Remember "less is more".


2. Take Good Care Of Your Kid's Eating Habits

A hungry child can be very troublesome sometimes. Always, feed them or have snacks available, whenever possible. If their tummy is full, they will be calm and will cause less trouble for you. If you are travelling with an infant and breastfeeding, don't hesitate to breastfeed in public, in Florida it is not illegal. It is completely normal and besides, it is very important for your baby.


3. Consider Looking For A local Babysitter While Traveling

You're obviously going on a vacation to enjoy some leisure time. Sometimes, having a baby doesn't fit well with plans like clubbing and date nights. It may be a good idea in such situations, to hire a local and well-reputed nanny or babysitting service. Although many parents are skeptical about this idea, there are many trusted and well-vetted babysitting services, including some that may be provided by your hotel or resort.


4. Take Some Easy And Compact Toys

Toys can be very helpful in keeping your child engaged. Keep some stuffed animals for them. By doing this one thing, you can make sure your baby is having fun and occupied. However, if adding toys in your luggage seems inconvenient to you, then you can also use a mobile device to watch a video or play a game. Kids love to play with such things.


5. Make Sure You Have A Travel Insurance

It is extremely important to have travel insurance. You never know when you may need to visit doctors while vacationing. Travel insurance can help you in saving a lot of expenses. Nothing can be more depressing on a vacation than realizing that an unexpected doctor visit just killed the budget. Knowing the potential costs for out-of-network visits and having some set aside, usually helps bring peace-of-mind.


6. Plan For Child Sleep and Jetlag

Your baby can suffer jetlag. It is a fact, many parents never even consider. The easiest way to deal with this is to schedule your travel days, in the best way to overcome this. Infants sleep a lot so they are sometimes easier to adjust to a new schedule. If you have a toddler who sleeps on a very firm schedule, it can sometimes take 2-3 days to adjust to the lag. Planning your flight around your child’s sleep schedule may cost more, however, the advantage may very well be the amount of time it takes to adjust after the flight.

Book Your Reservation Today

Now that you know the reasons to choose an airport stroller rental along with the travelling tips, you're absolutely ready to rent your stroller.

For this, you just have to book your stroller rental. Renting with Orlando Stroller Rentals is extremely simple.

All you need to do is to follow the three steps.

  1. Select From A Wide Variety Of Orlando Airport Stroller
  2. Fill The Rental Form Along With Your Billing Information
  3. Get Your Delivery At The Orlando Airport


At Orlando Airport Stroller, we offer a wide range of stroller models ready for pick up right at Orlando Airport. You can choose the stores according to your needs depending on size, functionality etc. For our customers who have more than one young child, we stock up double strollers as well. All the strollers are safe and well sanitized. We don't compromise with the health of our valuable customers.

The next step is to fill out the rental form and provide all the necessary details including the bling information. First, you need to select between the service you want from us i.e delivery or pick-up. After that, choose any additional accessories you would like to have with your stroller. These accessories include rain covers and latch bags.

You can add multiple strollers in your cart without adding any accessories, it is totally up to you what you really want. The last step is to checkout and provide your billing information using our online reservation system which is very easy to use. You will be asked to enter all necessary details like your credit card details, contact details etc at the payment portal.

Once you submit the billing information, your stroller will be reserved and you will receive a confirmation email as a receipt. The rental charges for the stroller will be made at the time of reservation.

We provide the most flexible delivery options. We will deliver your stroller at any place you want. If you want it right at the airport or at any other hotel or resort at Orlando, we are there. You just need to order us, rest assured. You can enjoy your vacation at Orlando with full zest without worrying about anything.

When your vacation ends, you can return the stroller at your selected location. We will take care of the rest. Orlando Stroller Rentals provides the best services to its customers. Renting from us will ease your vacation.

That's it. Renting a stroller from Orlando Stroller Rentals is just a few clicks away.

Need a rental today? No problem.

We can accommodate you. Just give us a call at (800) 281-0884

Same-day reservations only available by phone. Online ordering not available.